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Winter Share

November & December


Winter Share is now available 

As the main season bounty winds down the farm still has a wonderful bounty available into the winter months. This is where seasonal gets real - the focus of the share is on storage crops. With a small amount of greens that are protected in the greenhouse or in the field in row cover. This is how your farmers eat all winter. Stored crops plus anything we have frozen or canned. We find that this is not a limiting way to eat. After months of summer vegetables, discovering and enjoying the winter fruits of our labor is delicious and wonderful. Please make sure to read through the entire page for all the details! 


This is an Every Other Week share. For a total of 4 deliveries spread during November & December. Please double check these dates work for you. We don't have the flexibility to switch dates like we do during the summer. 

  • Dates 11/1 , 11/15, 11/29, & 12/13 

We have set these dates so that you will receive your vegetables before any holiday travel or holiday meal planning. 

Share Sizes: The Traditional Winter Share will come in the large share box or 3/4 bushel brown wax box. This gives us room to pack the more bulky winter crops. Click here to see picture of the winter share box (on the left) vs. the main season small share box. 

Small Winter Share Packed in the small share box - but still chock full of veggies. Fewer items per box than the Traditional Share. 

What to expect. This gives you a quick run down of what we have delivered in the past every year there is some variation. Leafy greens are not guaranteed - we do our best to protect them from the cold but it depends on how cold it gets! Expect to get larger quantities of items than you received over the summer. This is meant to last two weeks. 





Winter Squash







Brussels Sprouts





Sweet Potatoes


          A 2016 Winter Share




  •  $185 - For the Traditional Winter Share 
  •  $115 - For the Small Winter Share            

Pick Up Sites: For winter time driving precautions, we have decreased the number of sites that we will deliver to. Some pick up sites we are still confirming for this winter. 

  • Two Prudential Plaza, 
  • 20 S. Clark St., 
  • 203 N. LaSalle,  
  • Glencoe, IL., 
  • Local Goods (Edgebrook), 
  • Oak Park


  • Keyes Ave 
  • Stalzy's Deli on Atwood Ave,
  • Madison Computer Works (Mineral Point Rd.)  
  • Lands End Dodgeville  
  • Seven27 @ The Yards  and at the Farm
  • Hop Haus, Verona WI 

Add-Ons -


Fresh Wisconsin Cranberries. We are partnering with James Lake Farms, certified organic. You're not going to get fresher or more delicious than these cranberries that are the perfect ingredient for your cranberry sauce and much more.  

  • The delivery of this add-on is usually delivered the 2nd week of deliveries, if it is available sooner we will deliver sooner.  (freezes very well)
  • The cost of the cranberries are $5.50 per 1 pound.

Maple Syrup & Apple Butter - will continue to be available in the online store


2016 Winter Shares: 


The great thing about storage crops is that they are meant for storage. So you will receive more potatoes than you would normally buy at the store. And that doesn't mean you have to eat potatoes for every day for the next month. It means you have potatoes and other crops on hand stored that you can use as you want. With all things vegetable - storage crops do take some monitoring. Its going to be worth it to check on your vegetables and sort through and use up anything that isn't storing as well. We do this on the farm, regularly to make sure that our stored winter crops are continuing to be peak freshness. Your share will also be coming with information and ideas on how to best store your different items.

2015 Winter Shares 


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