Crew Leader

Before you read this description please make sure you have read the introduction on the main employment page.


Crew Leader will manage and lead crews as well as explain and teach different tasks.

A crew leader must be comfortable in an active leadership position.  Peak season we have about 5-7 employees of varying skills. There will be a mix of working with us and the rest of the crew in the field and also tasks where the crew leader is primarily in charge. Ideally a crew leader is comfortable dealing with a range of people and has an interest in helping their crew excel at the different tasks. A crew leader needs to be able to actively observe the crew during tasks, for quality control and time management. Finally communication is the best way to solve problems or questions that arise. We expect everyone including the crew leader to communicate questions or concerns to make the season go smoothly. 

  • Dates of employment are March 1 st – November 30th and averaging 40hr/week. 
  • There will opportunity for part time hours deeper into winter. 
  • 2yrs Experience in vegetable farming is a must with a preference of some supervisory experience.
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Delivery driving in Madison for CSA & Wholesale



  • Hourly $11 per hr

  • Pay period is on a bi-weekly schedule


  • Access to surplus produce will be available for all employees

  • Housing is available in limited availability.

  • All the raspberries you can eat/pick.

If interested in this position:

  • Please send resume with three references
  • Responses to the questions :
    • What are your farming/career goals?
    • Why are you interested in working on this farm?
    • What skills/strengths can you bring to this farm?
    • What have been your experiences working with groups of people?
    • Any leadership experiences?
    • Anything else you feel is important for us to know.

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