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Our Membership Shares

For our 2014 season we are again offering two different sizes of vegetable shares, both of which will be delivered to pre-determined pick-up sites once a week.  Your box will include certified organic vegetables and (occasionally) fruits and the season will last 21 weeks, beginning June 4th-7th and concluding October 22nd-26th.  Everyone will only pay for 20 weeks however, so that you may opt out of pick-up one week in order to accommodate potential conficts such as travel. We grow an enormous array of vegetables and often feature heirloom and Italian varieties. For a detailed list, see What We Grow


FULL VEGETABLE SHARE: This box typically features 8-12 items (a bunch of something equals one item) and is usually appropriate for 2-4 people. This membership costs $600 and is valued at $30 per week.  


HALF VEGETABLE SHARE: This box typically features 5-8 items and is usually enough for 1-2 people.  This membership costs $300 and is valued at $15 per week.

A CHICAGO BOTANIC FULL SHARE consists of one full-sized farm share to be picked up at the Chicago Botanic Garden each week they host their farmers market frm June though October (the first and third Sundays of the month).  This membership costs $270 and is valued at $30 per week for 9 deliveries.


CHEESE SHARE: If you choose this optional add-on share, you will also receive a weekly selection of an artisan cheese crafted in our immediate area.  These will include the delicious aged cheddars and blue cheeses from Hook's, some wonderful goat cheese selections from Montchevre, as well as others.  


Holiday Week DelieriesJune 30th, 2014

  Hello! It's hard to be believe, but the 4th of July holiday week is upon us.  As a reminder: If you normally receive a farm share in WI on Wednesdays--we'll deliver as normal this Wednesd

The Season is Upon Us! May 15th, 2014

We are already selling our organic spring produce at the Green City Farmers Market and will begin delivering CSA shares in less than 3 weeks!  Do you care for any asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, r

Photo(s) added: Future food at KHF, Transplanting Onions, Many, many seedlings, Ready to TransplantMay 15th, 2014

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