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Rutabaga- Nicknamed the “swede” or “Swedish turnip” the rutabaga is a staple root crop in many European kitchens. Carrying a strong flavor close to its cousins in the cabbage family the root is usually boiled and mashed with butter, but roasts well or good grated into a slaw. Best stored in the crisper wrapped in plastic to keep from softening.

Celeriac- The root that tastes like celery. This is a staple root veg. for us, it adds mild celery flavor to soups, roasts or hash browns. Trim the root end down, you can peel the outer layer but we usually don’t as it’s a very thin skin.

Turnip- Purple top turnip – tastes great in a gratin, or roasted in the oven with your other root veggies. Stores best with your other root veggies in a plastic bag.

Lettuce- This is a variety called ‘green star’ it’s an open head variety. It’s worth it to note that this time of year lettuce growth slows down so the lettuce isn’t huge, but still delicious. As always, we do wash the lettuce but we do suggest rinsing your lettuce because there are nooks n’ crannies that we can’t get into. Store in the fridge in plastic.

Winter Squash -  This is a variety called Jester. Its similar in shape to an acorn squash and has a similar taste. New for us this year we’d love to hear how you like it. Store on your counter or cupboard.

Bok Choy-  A wonderful Asian green, these are best lightly sautéed. Separate the stems from the leaves and get the stems in the pan first let them cook until just softened then add the leaves and continue to cook for a few seconds until the leaves begin to wilt. These are best stored in the fridge in plastic.

Broccoli – Imperial variety - Store in the refrigerator in a loose bag until use. Don’t forget you can use the stem – peel the outer layer and chop up – tastes just like broccoli

Scallions- These spring onions or green onions are a good substitute for bulb onions in quick dishes. Have a mild and sweet onion flavor. The tops can be treated like a finishing herb. Store in plastic in the fridge

Kale- Purple Kale! Pretty purple/red leaves with a curly edge. This variety is called Scarlet. Perfect addition to a fall salad mix or quickly sautéed with butter and onions. Store in the fridge in a bag to keep from wilting.

Onion – Yellow onion – it wasn’t an amazing onion year for us but we still want to share the small harvest with you! They have been cured in the greenhouse and will store nicely on your counter until use.

Popcorn – This is one of my favorite vegetables to hand out. :) Popcorn keeps for a long time stored in the cupboard. I’ve linked some stove top cooking methods our favorite way to cook it, but you can microwave or air pop as well.

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