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Tomatoes –Store on your counter until use for best flavor. We harvest at both ripe and slightly under ripe so that you don’t have to eat them all in one go. Expect to see mostly classic red slicing tomatoes for a bit, they are the first to ripen ahead of the more colorful tomatoes.  If you’re not able to use them up in several days, place in your fridge to extend the storage time.

Cucumbers- Occasionally you may see some scratches from the pesky cucumber beetles but it is superficial. Can be stored without plastic in your crisper drawer for a couple days. If you don’t use up quickly putting it in a bag helps.

Savoy Cabbage- This is a fresh eating cabbage called “Famosa”.  It is “savoyed” because of its crinkly leaves. It’s considered a medium storage cabbage as it can hold for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. So, don’t worry if you don’t have time to use it up this week! Use in slaws for extra texture, but also will be great sautéed in a curry or sauté because of the sturdy leaf.  

Green Peppers- You’ll see primarily green peppers Bell shaped or the elongated frying peppers. The rains stressed the pepper plants so we are continuing to harvest green peppers. By harvesting it now we re-direct energy to the plant and flowers to make more peppers and grow more leaves, to avoid sunscald on the fruit. Store in the fridge until use.

Beans- Bright yellow bush beans - Classic “green bean” flavor but yellow! Store in the fridge until use with the bag folded over not tied for some airflow, and rinse right before cooking, beans prefer to be stored dry.

Eggplant – You’ll see either Nadia, a dark purple or Nubia, a purple and white stripped eggplant. Classic in Italian dishes, also great thinly sliced and sautéed in sesame oil or since it’s grilling season grill it. Eggplant absorbs the flavor of the dish you are preparing so is versatile.  Store in the refrigerator

Watermelon- Yellow Doll a small to medium sized melon that is yellow and not red inside! These are ready to eat ripe. You can store on your counter, and the watermelon will continue to ripen or place in your refrigerator if you don’t plan to eat quickly or if you like cool watermelon.

Toyko Bekana – One of our new favorite greens! This is an “Asian green” that looks a bit like lettuce, has a nice mild flavor and is technically a cabbage! We’ve eaten it a couple of ways, both chopped into a salad or added to a mixed veg sauté. Store in plastic

Genovese Basil- A classic Italian basil variety. This is very aromatic. With complex notes of clove and licorice it is warm and peppery at the same time. The leaves bruise easily, so we don’t wash these before delivery. This basil did experience the storms so does need a rinse before use. Basil is cold temperature sensitive, so put the stems in a little water and cover loosely with a plastic bag on your counter until ready to use.

Cantaloupe- We grow two varieties, “Athena”& “Sara’s Choice” Both are classic musk melons and they are very much dead on ripe ready. I would suggest eating these by the weekend. Store in the refrigerator until use.  

Fennel- Fennel is a great vegetable, but it may take some acquired taste to enjoy for some. With the flavor of licorice, this vegetable is great very thin in a salad raw, or lightly sautéed to bring out a fresh, clean, aromatic flavor. Pairs well with citrus. Store in the crisper. Also, cut out the core at the base, hard to eat, but very good addition to a vegetable stock for later soup making.

Cherry Tomatoes! –You’ll see a mix of, Super Sweet Red, Sungold, or Esterina gold. If you don’t eat these all on the way home store on your counter till use in salads or tossed in hot pasta to lightly cook them  

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