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Peppers- We harvested the last of the nice peppers before it got too cold. Mostly you’ll be seeing green bells, and green Italian peppers. Store in the refrigerator in a bag for longest storage.   

Sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes are one of our favorite fall crops! These are freshly dug so their skins are a little bit more delicate. We’re sending some of the small/medium roots this week – these will quickly roast up in the oven and are a nice size to dice up into a meal. Sweet potatoes don’t like to be cold so store how you would potatoes, in a cupboard or on your counter.

Koji – This is an Asian green similar to bok choi but with dark green leaves and small stems. The stems are a little fragile, so we put a rubber band around it to reduce damage. It has a nice mild flavor that lends itself to most meals. To cook separate the stems from the leaves and cook the stems first. Store in a bag in the refrigerator.

Carrots – Bunched carrots – our fall planting of carrots is looking great and we’ve started to harvest them. They’ve had a little bit cold weather that actually makes them sweeter than summer carrots. The greens are actually really nice to use – carrots are in the same family as parsley though a stronger flavor. We’ve included a recipe for carrot top gremolata in your newsletter. For longest storage separate the tops from the roots and store in a bag.

Onion – A mix of red & yellow onions.  We enjoy the red onions finely slice or minced in salads. Store on our counter.

Daikon radish – Pretty purple radish, with a peppery heat. While the classic daikon radish is quite large, we grow a smaller more manageable sized radish. We like to use these shredded into salads, they also work into a stir-fry. It also makes for a good quick snack with a favorite dip. Store in your refrigerator. For best storage keep in a bag.

Pumpkin – New England Pie pumpkin, or “sugar pumpkin” compared to a big jack-o-lantern type pumpkin these are a true eating squash, as when they cook up nice and smooth and creamy. Because they cook up nicely just like other winter squash you can used these for a variety of recipes not just pumpkin pie. In the newsletter we have a nice savory recipe. If you want to use this for pie there are many good descriptions of how to make pumpkin puree that you can freeze for later.

Cabbage – savoy cabbage we had a beautiful harvest of this variety. While looking kind of big, they are a lighter more airy variety that lends itself well the coleslaws as well as roasts.

Kale- green curry type. We use this kale in just about any meal, especially this time of year as the more tender leafy greens have gone by way of the frosts. Frost tends to make brassicas sweeter, especially in the stems. Store in the fridge in a bag.

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